Our Approach

Responsible Company

Tesco was rewarded for its overall strategy and attitude to CSR.

You choose, we help

Our grant program improves life in all parts of the country.

No Food Waste at all

We are a leader in the fight against food waste.

The Little Helps Plan is made up of three pillars: our people, our products and our places, and underpinned by our foundation activity. It builds on the progress we have made so far to make a positive contribution to our customers, colleagues and communities.

‘Every little help makes a big difference’ is one of the core values of our business. It covers the little things we do every day in the thousands of communities around the world where we operate and also shows how we contribute to the bigger global initiatives in which we are involved. It is at the heart of the Little Helps Plan.
The Plan is driving us to create a business where colleagues can get on, whatever their background; to help our customers make healthier choices and enjoy good quality, sustainable products, at affordable prices; and to help make sure no food that could be eaten is wasted, anywhere in our supply chain.

We have been recognized for our corporate responsibility work by receiving 9 national awards in Central Europe over the past 12 months.

Working together to make a big difference, see our:

Little Helps Plan