2025 without eggs form caged hens

Lukasz Pabian

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We know that high quality fresh products and right range are very important for customers when choosing a store for everyday shopping. That is why we are closely working with our suppliers listening to our shoppers opinion. For many years Central European market was focused mainly on prices but we now see our customers also prioritizing a range of other factors. Our customers want to know where products come from and how they are produced. This is why we have made the commitment today in Central Europe to make sure that by 2025 no eggs from caged hens will be available in our stores, including both own brand and branded eggs.  We sell several hundred million eggs each year in CE so we recognize that we have a key role to play as part of the industry in moving towards higher welfare methods of production.

Wide offer for our customers

This declaration made by Tesco in Central Europe is a huge step for us and all suppliers, knowing that at this moment eggs from caged hens are a big part of our sales. That is why we declared the end of this process by 2025. We have started to work together with our suppliers to make necessary changes to fulfill our commitment and provide our products at attractive prices. Already at our stores customers can find a wide range of different types of eggs such as barn, free range, organic and we will search the best ways to provide them with attractive value for money choices in the future.      

And there are good options:  organic farming requires that chickens can roam freely and are fed with certified organic feed. In case of barn farming hens are staying in special building with free access to the roosts. Free range determines that chicken can move freely on farm and during the night are moved into a special building.

Shared responsibility

This initiative is part of Tesco’s efforts to ensure it sources its products in a sustainable and ethical way and follows a commitment by Tesco UK to end the sale of caged eggs.  Wherever we operate, Tesco aims provide high quality products at attractive prices, whilst tackling the environmental and social issue challenges customers care about.  Tesco is committed to continuous improvement in animal welfare and works in partnership with its suppliers to achieve high animal welfare standards in a way that is achievable for its supply base.